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Wix Velo development and custom solutions

We can help you create custom solutions for those specific needs that need a bit of extra work. Data base management and visualizations, personalized interactions, Wix Velo code, and JavaScript.

Data base management


Combine and analyze data from different sources and turn it into valuable insights.

Reporting and modeling

Transform your raw data into actionable insights with our reporting and modeling services.

Dynamic content

Deliver personalized experiences to your website visitors with dynamic content.

Wix Website Design EmprendeSeo ETL Data base management Reporting and modeling Insights Personalized Dynamic Pages

Personalized interactions

Dynamic pages

Engage with your audience with dynamic and personalized pages inside your website.

Tables and filters

Organize the data you want to show your customers with personalized filters and visualizations.


Automate procecess like emails, forms, calendar invitations and more.

Wix Website EmprendeSeo Dynamic pages Engagement Personalized Interactions Tables and filters Personalized Automations

APIs and Integrations

CRM & ERP integrations

Connect to your CRM or ERP to have online inventory management and sales funnel analytics.

Tools and services

Connect to any online service your business needs, like payment solutions of accounting services.

Data APIs

Connect to services that allow you to send or request information relevant to your business operation.

APIs and Integrations CRM & ERP Tools and Service Data Emprende SEOs Payment and Accounting services Analytics

Velo, code, and more

Customized pages

Tailored made pages to meet your specific business and brand's needs.

E-commerce costumization

Advanced e-commerce solutions for unique experiences and buyer profiles.


If you need assistance with something that you didn't find, let us know and we will help!

Customized Pages Velo code E-commerce Wix Website Design Buyer profiles Unique experience Buyer profiles Brand
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